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Class B (4.20pm-5.20pm): Maths Club with paperwork & weekly homework

 £40 per month plus a £10 one-off registration fee

Teaching method: this program primarily use paper based exercises covering both scenario based/word based questions, as well as complex and exam questions to build up an understanding of core maths definitions, develop the techniques of solving maths problems systemically with step-by-step working and understanding of core maths definitions and explanations.

Classroom resources:  use of assessments, reasoning and problem solving questions and past exam papers suitable to the needs of your child.


Aim:  Learners are encouraged to experiment and extend their maths knowledge through exercises, past exam papers and homework. Students are expected to build up:


Our class will look to develop the following skills:

  • the mind to think creatively, logically, critically and abstractly

  • independent learning skills

  • heuristics skills in problem solving skills

  • abilities in processing, modelling, connecting 

  • critical thinking skill

  • master in using appropriate strategies

Excel in Maths
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