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Class A (3.30pm-4.15pm):   Extracurricular with activities based learning

£30 per month plus a £10 one-off registration fee

Teaching method: use of concrete, pictorial, abtract (CPA) approach and the use of concrete manipulatives to help pupils build up the interest and fundamental knowledges & concepts and also use of ruler-and-compass constructions in Maths.


Classroom resources: lessons will be planned with a wide variety of hands-on resources and activities such as games, bingo, crafts, domino, puzzles, matching cards, codebreaking and problem solving to investigations etc in order to help children build basic maths learning skills through self-discovery and fun filled activities.


Aim: to enable practising of maths skills and develop confidence in maths through fun games and group based activities in a “play and learn” environment. We do not distribute homework to students attending this particular class.


Our class will look to develop the following skills:

  • visualisation

  • creative thinking

  • combination thinking

  • life application

  • numerical and arithmetical calculation

  • logic reasoning

class A
Have fun with Maths

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