We specialise in the use of Asian Maths Method to encourage our students to acquire and mastering maths.


Asian Maths Method typically includes the teaching methodologies from Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, amongst the world's top performers for Mathematics. With the belief that “all children can succeed in Maths”, Maths curriculum are specifically designed to enable that.


This methodology is very well received in the UK and since 2016, primary schools across England have rolled out the use of Asian Maths Method.


At Hants Tutoring and Childcare Services Limited, we provide maths tutoring on both private and group basis to improve and enrich your child's academic prospects through a targeted, focused and personalized learning experience.


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We promote an interactive learning experience to develop our students' critical thinking and problem solving skills via problem solving activities.

We believe that all children can succeed in Maths regardless of their current mathematical abilities.

Our personalised learning approach and understanding of the national curriculum ensures that every student is given the opportunity to develop and reach their full potential.

Under the implementation of "Vygotsky" theory and our special educational programs, we have many years of experience in supporting learners with different mathematical abilities, including gifted and talented students to exceed their current ZPD level “zone of proximal development” and SEN students to develop their abilities to think both numerically and visually.


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